Adidas Football Boots(Predator)

Hi today I am going to talk about the football boots Adidas predator. What makes this soccer boot so popular? why do so many professional players today still wear them? Let’s get straight into it.


Why are they popular?

Well one reason is they are worn by superstars such as David Beckham and they were known to help you curl the ball, when you pass, shoot or cross. Some of the best free kicks scored in the world were by players such as David Beckham while wearing these boots.

Now do I think that if these players wore other boots besides Predators they wouldn’t have scored these goals? well that’s up for debate but if you the player they might just say yes!.

Other players that made these boots so famous when they first hit the market were other excellent free kick takers such as Kaka, Xavi, Del Piero, Stephen Gerrard and Zidane so its hard to argue that these boots maybe the best boots on the market.

So are these Adidas football boots the best football has to offer?


1998 Predator Accelerator

This is boot is still today the most iconic design out of all the Predator boots. I actually owned a pair of these boots when I played under 15’s for my local soccer club and they were still to this day the best boots I have ever worn.

They had the famous red fold over tongue, with curved stripes on the sides and usually came in two colors Black with white stripes and a red tongue or white with black stripes and red tongue.

They were also the lightest boots I have ever worn.

The year they came out also happened to be the year of the World Cup in France and many stars opted to wear the famous boots. One player in particular who would go on to score two goals in the final and win the world cup and deliver them their very first world cup victory was Zinedine Zidane.


Todays Predator

The Predator of today is very different of the Predator of the early days and I have to be honest I haven’t worn the boots of today because I am not playing anymore and have no need to buy boots.

The Predators of today have moved away from the traditional black and red strips and have become ultra modern. According to many reviews I have read on online about todays Predator the Predator 19+19 is designed to give you better control of the ball, fit your foot like a sock and help with ground gripping.

These boots have over a 20-year history and during that time some of the best players to ever grace the pitch have worn them as well as millions of local soccer players around the world (including myself)

What do you think?

Well for me I would buy these boots ever since I bought my first pair back in 1998 I never strayed and up till I stopped playing in 2005 I always bought Adidas Predators here is a list of the range of Predators dating back from the first day they were released in 1994.

  1. Predator 1994
  2. Predator Rapier 1995
  3. Predator Touch 1996
  4. Predator Accelerator 1998
  5. Predator Precision 2000
  6. Predator Mania 2002
  7. Predator Pulse 2004
  8. Predator Absolute 2006
  9. Predator Power Swerve 2007
  10. Predator X 2009
  11. Adi Power Predator 2011
  12. Predator LZ 2012
  13. Predator LZ11 2013
  14. Predator Instinct 2014
  15. Predator Revenge pack 2014
  16. ACE 15.1 2015
  17. ACE 16+ Purecontrol 2016
  18. ACE 17+ Purecontrol 2017
  19. Champagne Predator Mania Remake 2017
  20. Predator Precision Remake 2017
  21. David Beckham Remastered Predator Accelerator 2017
  22. Predator Accelerator Remakes 2017
  23. Predator Accelerator Remakes 2018
  24. Predator 19+ 2018
  25. Predator 19.1 2019

If I have missed any out please let me know. But this list proves that it is the most popular and successful Adidas football boot ever to be brought to the market by Adidas and the way they have kept bringing in new ways to develop this boot over 25 years is actually incredible.

I would love some feedback from you to let me know which of these boots you have worn and what your experience was like. If you want to leave feedback just leave them in the comments below.


Round Up!

Well to sum up why are they so popular my answer is Adidas have really designed a football boot that keeps evolving and meets the needs of the modern player.

Why do professional players keep wearing them? Well I know that Adidas gave Paul Pogba his very own custom-made boots called PogBooms Adidas Ace 16+ Purecontrol and ever since he has never looked back. Smart move Adidas!

Till next time,

Joseph Addabbo

Joseph Addabbo

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