Famous Soccer Players- (Iconic Jerseys)

In this article I will be talking about 5 of the most popular soccer players in world football from the last 20 years.

Who are these 5 players? what made them so popular and which jersey did they wear that because of them became iconic for the club they played for and for the millions of fans around the world.

Here in my opinion are 5 of the worlds most famous soccer players and the jerseys they made iconic.



Brazilian Ronaldo/World Cup 2002 Brazil Jersey

Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima or El Fenomeno is considered to be the greatest soccer player or footballer who ever lived. He was known for his phenomenal pace and skill.

At just 17 he made his debut for the Brazilian national team against Iceland in 1994. Ronaldo played for teams such as Cruzeiro, PSV, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, AC Milan and of course the famous Brazil national team.

I remember watching him as a teenager (who was obsessed with soccer) and wishing that he played for the club that I supported.

But the question is out of all the jerseys he wore which was the most famous for the man that many believe was better than Pele and Maradonna.

Now lets break this down, Ronaldo really exploded when he was at Barcelona! for a player to come to a new country and in one season break all the scoring records is actually unheard of today, nobody can do it.

This earned him a world record transfer fee to Inter Milan in the Italian league. At Inter Milan he did the same as he did at Barcelona, in his first year scored over 20 goals for Inter Milan and became Serie A player of the year, which at the time was the hardest league in the world.

Here he became a legend and the best player on the planet. His move to Real Madrid was yet another world record breaker and in the days of him signing he broke all records for Real Madrid jersey sales, so this has a strong case for his most iconic jersey, especially when that team was full of mega stars and at the time the most expensive team on the planet.

But in my opinion when you think of Ronaldo you think Brazil!.

That is why you cannot go past the iconic yellow of the Brazilian national team and the jersey he wore at the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan.

Ronaldo scored a whopping 8 goals for his country and two of them came in the World Cup final against Germany.

The second goal he scored when he received the ball from Rivaldo and placed it into the bottom right-hand corner past a driving Oliver Khan in the Germany goal, may not be his most spectacular but in the minds of many is the most important as it delivered Brazil a 5th World Cup.

That’s why for me the yellow Brazil jersey of 2002 with the iconic number 9 and green markings is the most famous jersey of one of the most famous soccer players.

Alessandro Del Piero/Juventus SONY MINI DISC 10

The reason I chose this player and this jersey is because Del Piero happens to be my all time favorite player and yes I am a massive fan of the Old Lady.

Delpiero will always be every Juventus fans captain no matter if how long he has been retired for.

So this jersey may not be iconic will all soccer fans but with us Juventini it is one of the most iconic jerseys in world soccer.

This jersey is iconic and will be always a favorite because it’s the jersey that Del Piero wore in the match against Ronaldos Inter Milan.

This game at the close of the 1998 Serie A season was the deciding factor on who would win the championship that year and it was billed Ronaldo vs Del Piero. It has become one of the most talked about matches in Italian football history.

At the time they where two of the best teams in the world being blessed with gifted players all over the pitch on both sides. Now one thing you have to understand is that Juventus and Inter fans are not friends, they are the total opposite and are more like mortal enemies.

I won’t talk too much about this match (if you want to see highlights search you tube), but mid way through the first half Del Piero picked up the ball from the left side of midfield drove into the box, turned, swiveled and placed the ball in the bottom right-hand corner of the net.

Juventus won the match 1 nil and with that won the championship. I also have that jersey signed! That’s why it’s in my list.

Ronaldinho/Barcelona long sleeve 2005-2006

Well what can be said about Ronaldinho real name Ronaldo de Assist Moreia aka Ronaldinho Gaucho. Many fans around the world say they fell in love with soccer because of this player.

His smile and complete joy while playing was infectious to watch and with every touch of the ball he entertained the crowd.

It also helped that he is known as the most skillful player of his generation and some say of all time.

The ball looked it was attached to his boots at times and with his pace and strength at the height of his fame it seemed at times like he was untouchable.

Barcelona became who they are today because of Ronaldinho.

Sadly his time at Barcelona ended as another superstar Lionel Messi’s career was just about to explode. Before he came to Barcelona from PSG, Barcelona where a good team but they where lacking in areas and weren’t the team that has dominated world football for so many years.

Enter Ronaldinho and Barcelona began their transformation. This jersey the 2005 -2006 Barcelona long sleeve Nike jersey wins the award of the most iconic worn by the great man because of one single match he played at Barcelonas great rivals Real Madrid.

This match was played at The Bernabeu, which is Real Madrid s famous home stadium.

At the time Real Madrid where known as the Galatiocs, featuring players like Ronaldo, Zidane, Roberto Carlos and Sergio Ramos. From start to finish Ronaldinho was a threat and watching this game you knew that it was a matter of time before you where going to witness magic.

Barcelona where up 1 nil thanks to a Ronaldinho assist but what he did in the second half will live on in football fans minds forever.

His first goal in the second half where he took the ball from the left skipped past a sliding Sergio Ramos and then feinted twice before shooting into the left corner is one of the most famous goals scored in Spanish football.

He then went on to finish Real Madrid off late on the second half with another amazing goal, which earned him a standing ovation from the Real Madrid fans who just had no choice but to stand up and applaud the performance of a player who plays for their biggest rival.

That’s why the long sleeve number 10 Ronaldinho Barcelona Nike jersey is on this list of famous soccer players, iconic jerseys.


Eric Cantona/ Manchester United 1994-1995

This jersey makes it in the list for very different reasons to the 3 I have listed before. As always the most interesting is left till last.

Eric Cantona was a great player who played for many clubs before he became widely popular at Manchester United during the early to mid 90s.

He was tall, strong, skillful and ill disciplined which also made him so popular among fans all over the world.

You either loved him or hated him as a fan. This jersey makes the list because of a single match the unfortunately Eric Cantona will always be remembered for, the game against Crystal Palace!.

This is known as the Kung Fu incident. Eric Cantona was sent off by the referee for kicking out at Palace defender Richard Shaw as he was walking to tunnel a Palace fan ran down 11 flights of stairs and started hurling abuse at Cantona telling him to “go back to France”, and other abusive comments that I cannot write in this article.

Cantona then fly kicked the Palace fan and followed up with a flurry of punches before being grabbed by officials and walked into the tunnel.

This incident was basically the beginning of the end of his Manchester United career and what followed was a lengthy ban and huge fines.

English fans also called for him to be deported back to France and for criminal charges to be laid. He did end up with 120 hours of community service and a suspended jail sentence.

This jersey Cantonas number 7 away Manchester United 1994-1995 shirt with the black markings and his iconic collar up, will always remain as popular as the man himself, even if it is for the wrong reasons!

Famous Soccer Players round up!

I hope you enjoyed my list of the most famous soccer players and the jerseys they made famous. I known I left out a lot out and if you have more suggestions please leave your comments below and I will write another article with your favorite players and their jerseys.

I will have named some notable names that I missed in this list such as Cristano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, David Beckham, Roberto Baggio, Diego Maradonna, Zinedine Zidane, Harry Kane, Andrea Pirlo, Paolo Maldini, Paul Scholes, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Alan Shearer.

There are many more that’s all I can think of for now.


Till next time,

Joseph Addabbo

Joseph Addabbo

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