Soccer Dribbling Drills For Kids

Hi Guys and Gals today we are going to talk about soccer dribbling drills for kids that will help them develop ball control, calmness and confidence on the football pitch.

So let’s start with an easy one that teachers kids the very basics on how receive the ball, take on a single defender and give themselves space to shoot on goal. Let’s face it as a kid scoring a goal for your team is the best feeling you could have.

Let’s get into it!


Beat a Defender and Shoot

This drill is very basic and only requires 3 players, one to receive the ball and shoot, a goalkeeper and one to pass the ball to the shooter.

This is drill is fun and the 3 players can rotate and have a go at all 3 positions.

The way you would run this skill would be to have one player stand a couple meters from the player who is going to receive the ball.

Then you would put a red training cone a few meters in front of the shooter just outside the goal keepers penalty box and then you would have the goal keeper on his or her goal line.

Steps for the drill,

  1. Player one passes the ball just in front of player two who receives the ball on the run.
  2. Player two then dribbles the ball towards the red training cone and either moves the ball to the left of the cone or the right of the cone depending on which foot they are more comfortable with.
  3. Player two then has two options they can take an extra touch of the ball and then shoot on goal or they can shoot directly on goal after they have rounded the red training cone.
  4. The goal keeper will then attempt to keep the ball out by diving left or right, depending on which way the ball has been shot.
  5. This drill is rotated between all 3 players until they have each scored five goals each.

This is a great drill because it encourages kids to take the ball in their stride, move quickly towards goal and shoot. It builds confidence because kids are shooting and scoring goals.

Piggy in the Middle

This is another fun drill (it’s not exactly a dribbling drill but it’s a great training game) that builds skill, awareness and teamwork but also is great for building fitness.

We may know of a manager by the name of Pep Guardiola, he is one of the best managers in the football world at the moment and he created one the best footballing teams of the modern era by using this drill in training with his Barcelona team.

This team dominated world football for years simply by keeping possession and out passing their opposition.

The way this drill always works better is with at least eight players.

  1. Have your team of players stand in circle and make it a good size circle.
  2. Then get two team members to come into the middle of the circle.
  3. The aim is that the players in the circle are to pass the ball to each other while the two in the middle chase after them trying to retrieve the ball.
  4. Once a player who is in the middle aka the ‘Piggy”, touches the ball, then the player who touched the ball last from the circle becomes the piggy and so on.
  5. Best practice to teach team work is to start the drill by allowing the players who make up the circle three touches, then two touches and then finally one touch only.

I’ve practiced with this drill many times as a kid and at times when I was the “Piggy”, could never get the ball. It was a great workout though!

Skills this drill teaches is awareness, teamwork, passing, how to handle pressure, fitness and teaches kids to be quick with their feet.

So their are two great soccer dribbling drills for kids but I always leave the best till last!


The Step Over

This has to be one of the best skills to have in your arsenal. When this skill is pulled off in a match fans just stop and cheer.

This one really is attractive on the eye and to pull it off at high speed and beat your defender takes a high level of skill.

To set this up all you need is two players one to be the attacker with the ball and the other to be the defender trying to stop the attacking player pass.

  1. The attacking player stands about ten meters from the defensive player.
  2. The attacking player then dribbles the ball at speed towards the defending player.
  3. When the attacking player is about a meter away from the defending player he or she will then step over the ball by stepping outward over the ball on with their favored leg, by doing this it sends the defending player that way as well.
  4. Then to complete the skill and go past the defensive player, the attacking player will then push the ball to the other side with their opposite foot, going past the defender.

Not many top level players can pull this off at pace during a match but if learnt well can become a great skill to get past a defender to shoot on goal, or open up space for yourself to pass through to a teammate in a better position.

Round Up!

Well there you have it. I hope you like the three drills that I have mentioned in this post.

As always please put in the comments more drills for kids that would help them develop themselves into becoming professional soccer players.

Till Next Time.

Joseph Addabbo

Joseph Addabbo

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