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Growing up I can remember the day I fell in love with soccer and it was when I was 5 years old and my dads friend had just come back from a holiday in Italy.

That day he came over to visit he had brought me back a present and it was Juventus jersey with Baggio 10 on the back. I don’t know if anyone remembers the Jersey with the old black and white stripes and DANONE as the sponsor.

That is what started me off on this crazy soccer journey.

Since that day all I wanted to do was play soccer and dress like my idols, wearing jersey’s of my favorite team, wearing hats, beanies, T-shirts and tracksuits of not only my favorite team but other famous clubs from around the world as well.

Unfortunately I was never good enough to become a professional as I found out in my late teens. But I still feel that connection to the game and every time I wear a jersey or a piece of clothing I feel connected to my team, the sport and other people who follow the game as well.

Soccer inspires people and gives people hope at least it always has for me. That is what I love about it.



Growing up in Sydney, Australia you are Geographically pretty far from your favorite clubs.

Most people follow teams in Europe or in South America and being so far away it can be hard to stay connected to what’s happening day in and day out, especially because of the time zones.

But what always kept me connected was wearing the jersey’s of my favorite teams and having a community of people who loved the game as much as I do.

I want people to have a place where can they find anything that keeps them connected to their favorite teams no matter where in the world they are.


The main goal of this site is for people to have a one stop soccer network where fans from all over the world can connect, leave comments and find something that, they maybe wouldn’t find anywhere else.

All the best,

Joseph Addabbo


Joseph Addabbo

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