Top Paid Soccer Players (Are they paid too much?)

Hi Guys and Gals and welcome back to another discussion. Today we are going to talk about soccer players salaries and the big question are top paid soccer players paid too much?

Massive Contracts


Soccer has evolved in the last 30 years from a sport to a worldwide business. Players are now getting paid insane amounts of money to sometimes just sit on the bench.

Now I am not here to say that they don’t deserve it, these players are the best in the world and have trained all their lives to get to where they today but are they worth all that money? Many would disagree.

Some players are on contracts that are well in access of 100,000 euros or pounds a week that is more than an executive of a company would make in a year.

These are also just basic contracts, this money doesn’t include a goal or win bonus or anything extra that the players agent is able to negotiate for them.

Sure some people might say a soccer players career is short and because of the nature of the sport by the time a player is in their mid 30’s their career is coming to an end. Even so these contracts are massive.

So how do we justify this? well players are not as valuable to club’s as they once were. Do you remember the one club player or one club legend?

They seem to not exist anymore as soccer club’s around the world get richer and more money is offered to their current club’s the players are sometimes forced out of a club or made to feel like they are no longer wanted.

Take the situation of Paulo Dybala at Juventus. During the transfer window that just past Juventus were desperate to get rid of him he was offered huge contracts by Premier League club’s and other European club’s but to the disappointment of Juventus he decided to stay.

Then there are players that are extremely marketable you have someone like Paul Pogba, Cristano Ronaldo, Mohammad Salah, these players sell so much merchandise to fans, that the club’s that they play for can pay their salaries and on top of that actually make money off them.

Soccer stars are modern day rock stars and every week fans fill up stadiums around the world to watch their favorite players play. There is also millions of fans around the world tuning into paid TV sites to watch these players play.

I know I have Optus Sport just to watch the Champions League.

The Big Problem

Soccer players these days are so removed sometimes of everyday reality it can be scary. There are many times when a player who is on a already high salary demand more money from their current club and if they don’t get it carry on like a spolit child.

They can sometimes forget that their are surgeons who save lives day in day out, only make in a year what these players make in fortnight.

Take the situation of players like,

  1. Neymar
  2. Paul Pogba
  3. Alexi Sanchez
  4. Gareth Bale
  5. Bastian Schweinsteiger

All these players have made headlines lately for extended poor performance, not showing up to training, disrespecting their fans, and critising their own players, yet they demand more money from their club’s or asked to be sold to another club.

They forget the fans who are the ones who pay each week the ticket prices, that are getting higher and higher so the club can justify these high salaries.

When did it all get so outta control?

The gap between players and the club’s fans is getting further and further apart because of the salaries of the players, this is why fans do not have patience with players anymore.


Players face more pressure than ever today. The media has a big hand in that as well, if a player has a bad month they are writing about how they have had a fall out with a fellow player or the club’s management.

When player is bought by another club for 50 million euros or more they then labeled the 50 million dollar man and are expected to perform straight away.

These players may be coming to a new country, need to learn a new language and adapt to a new style of play. Let’s not forget these players are kids some only 20 years old, but because they are on insanely high amounts of money there is no room for forgiveness.

The fans, the media, the club and sometimes even the manager expect results for that kinda money and to be fair for that kinda money they should.

Imagine you were performing poorly at your work and you got paid more than everyone else? do you think you would be on that salary for long? the answer is not a chance!

Top paid soccer players need to understand this and prove they are worth what they are getting paid!


The way to justify this is to say these players bring us joy week in week out. They are our children’s heroes and they bring hope to whole nations.

These players are also the reason we watch the sport. They are the reason we cheer and cry and they also bring us immense joy.

They are players that make us dream and sometimes that’s enough to not care what they are paid.


Round up!


In this round up I am going to leave it to you. I personally do not care what they are being paid as long as the sport gives me joy and they continue to entertain me week in week out what they get paid will not matter to me.

There are also some players that are extremely charitable and help so many people around the world. Hats off to them and if they keep helping people then keep earning what your earning.

Money has grabbed soccer by the throat and isn’t going to let go any time soon.

So please as always put in the comments below what you think.

Till next time,

Joseph Addabbo

Joseph Addabbo


  1. Hello Joseph, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Just like you said, it is not important how much are soccer players paid as long they give us joy. I think that they really deserve to be paid high enough as they also have families which need to support.

    • Hi Danijel, Thank you for your comment. Many people outside of the game believe that they are paid too much, I just wanted to shed some light on why they are paid so much and that it shouldn’t matter as long as they are doing what the fans expect them to do.

  2. I cannot agree more with your submition on this topic and you have totally silenced me. The key is that irrespective of the amount that any player is paid, they are still not earning as much as each team earn on them. Take for instance, to Aldo single handedly brought recognition and fan base to juventus when he joined them and that equals more sales of merchandise. Though some are of the opinion that they are over paid, but to me, they are not because each of them is deserving of any amount they spend on them. And best of all, they serve as a way of life now and joygiver

    • Exactly!! and the Ronaldo example at Juventus you mentioned proves this as well.

  3. Hello Joe, i fully agree that we don’t really care what it is that they are paid or offered. I was really thinking you were going to say the amount that some foreign clubs pay to sign the big-name players. Teams in the US here and those in China too pay wooping sums. An example is when bale was to sign for a chines club this transfer window but opted to stay. There are more examples out there. At the end of the day, it all boils down to what we enjoy. Nice article here

    • Thank you In will write about the money on offer in China. Didn’t the US paid as much as the Chinese league though? 

  4. I can actually care less about what each player is paid. Each of them are deserving based on their market value and price. To me, I believe that they are joy giver as you stated and I have no problem with that and as such, I could care less. In fact, some of them are vertmy well influential outside the sport but going by the amount being paid to each of them, they are deserving and that is the only thing I can say about. Thanks

  5. I really like your point of view on this one here. I think this is a very nice discourse. Like you have said, football is evolving and as time goes, the price for these players will keep going up. Who would’ve thought that Torres was once the most expensive player for just 50million? Today, that amount is not enough to get a topclass player that is relegated to the bench. This is how football is today. We will keep enjoying what they give to us for now. Nice article.

  6. Great article and a very good and relevant question I would say. In my view, yes they are paid too much but I think it’s not the biggest issue. If you compare men and women pro players, women soccer players in almost every European country earns very low or even nothing. Some of the best women soccer players need to work another job to be able to play soccer and that is a huge issue. I do not say men and women soccer players in the top should have just equal salaries, it has to base also on fan bases, how much tickets sold and much more. But it is a ridiculous situation that even somehow underperforming player earns tens of millions of dollars while top performing woman soccer pays her “trip” to FIFA world champs. However, thanks for sharing this, this is a good question and needs some discussion definitely. 

  7. Soccer is a very exhilarating sport and it is followed by hundreds  of millions of people around the globe. For some people, soccer has become more of a game; it is their life.  Being one of the few untaxed organisations in the world, FIFA, the governing body of soccer has monetized the sport in several ways. Sales of merchandise has increased greatly over the past few decades. Also, the salaries and transfer prices for players has reached an unprecedented high recently, with transfer records being broken frequently over the past few years. Overall, I feel the players deserve their high salaries as they have to work themselves to the bones in order to please their clubs and the fans. 

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