Who’s the best soccer player in the world

Hi guys and gals here we are again and it is time to bring up that old argument of who’s the best soccer player in the world?

In this blog we will talk about the 2 obvious ones but I will also do other blogs on who is the best female player, who is the best young player, who is the best goal keeper and who is the most overrated player.

So lots and lots to talk about lets go!


Messi vs Ronaldo

Well lets start with these two as they have dominated the headlines for over a decade and have been by far the two most outstanding players in the last 15 years.

Let’s start with Ronaldo.

The argument for Cristano Ronaldo being a better player than Messi has strong reasons one is that he isn’t a one club player and has proven to be a champion in every league that he has played in.

Ronaldo exploded when he was signed as a skinny teenager by Sir Alex Ferguson from Portuguese side Sporting Lisbon back in the 2003-2004 season and it didn’t take long for him to establish himself as a genuine super star. During his Man Utd years he won the Premier League and the Champions League.

Ronaldo formed a deadly United attack along with Wayne Rooney and other United stars at the time. Ronaldo was turning into a world class player and with his pace, famous step overs and shots was also the most exciting young player on the planet.

On June 11th 2009 Ronaldo left Manchester and signed for the most glamorous team in world football Real Madrid. It was here that Ronaldo sparked his rivalry with the Spanish league’s other superstar Lionel Messi.

Ronaldo broke all Real Madrid records and quickly became the clubs outstanding player and during his 9 years at Madrid he won La Liga in twice and the Champion’s League an astonishing four times when Real Madrid went on a run of winning the competition four years in a row.

Its not just what he has won as team that makes him who he is but at that time Real Madrid was totally reliant on Ronaldo and without him in their team one would argue that they would have lost many more games and certainly not have lifted the Champions league crown four years in a row.

Throw in 5 Ballons d’or wins and a goal scoring record that in my humble opinion will never be beaten and there is a strong argument that he is the best ever.

Remember that famous goal he scored against Juventus the last time Real Madrid won the Champions League?

who's-the-best-soccer-player-in-the -world

Ronaldo now plays for Juventus and has won the Italian league, many will say Juventus would have won the Italian league without Ronaldo and that’s more or less true they have won it 8 years in a row and 7 were without Ronaldo.

The real question is now can Juventus and Ronaldo finally win the Champions League they are craving?

If they do and he becomes the only player in history to win it with three different clubs then it is going to be really hard to argue that he isn’t the greatest player to put on a pair of boots.

Only time will tell.

So when we talk about who’s the best soccer player in the world you cannot leave Ronaldo out.


Now lets open up the argument for Lionel Messi.

Barcelonas best ever player, a club legend and as far as loyalty in soccer goes these days he is literally one in a million. Messi also is the only other player on the planet to have 5 Ballons d’or wins, he has also won the Spanish league 10 times and Champions League 4 times all with Barcelona.

Messi also exploded onto the scene as teenager for Barcelona and many say that because he was so good Barcelona at the time were happy to part with two of their superstars which were none other than the great Ronaldinho and Samuel Et’o.

This showed how much faith both the club and manager had in this young talent. Messi of course did not disappoint and in the years that followed Barcelona built a team around him and it sparked an era of dominance for the Catalan Club that has gone unmatched.

Barcelona employed a tiki taka style of football that the world wasn’t prepared for and dominated every team they played against.

They also had other amazing world class talents such as Xavi and Inesita in the midfield that helped Messi shine but in the end Messi was and still is Barcelonas main man.

Messi known for his skill on the ball, passing, free kicks and being a team player rather than an individual has raised the argument that he is the best all round player.

If your look at every successful Barcelona campaign Messi has been top goal scorer and also up there in assists. A player like him is going to leave a huge hole in the heart of Barcelona when he retires and to be honest I am unsure how they will fill that.

Messi is only behind Ronaldo in goals scored in the Champions League but has also played fewer games than Ronaldo in this competition.

So the argument stands who is better? who’s the best soccer player in the world is it Ronaldo or Messi?


Round Up!

On the international front Ronaldo has led Portugal to a European Championship their first ever international victory.

Messi has led Argentina to a World Cup Final but has never won a major trophy with his country.

This does not mean Ronaldo is better as Argentina have had some horrible coaches and managers in the time Messi has been playing and they are to blame certainly not Messi.

They are both their countries top goal scorers to date.

Honestly it is is simply just a personal choice on who your like better.

For me it is Ronaldo and simply it is because he plays for Juventus and that is my team.

Please let us know in your comments who your think is the best!

Till next time,

Joseph Addabbo



Joseph Addabbo


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